Dissertation Writing is Done to Complete Your Research Work in a Systematic Way

A dissertation is something truly essential to prove yourself as a hard-working and successful researcher. It includes the research topic, the entire matter of research and results, the rest of the thesis portion, and all the proofs of your research. Dissertation writing is an art to deliver your research and details related to it in the provided time-limit.

Like every other write-up, a dissertation has three main parts namely introduction, body and conclusion. The difference between an essay and dissertation is the length, the latter one is lengthier than the former one. In fact, a dissertation is a book that future researchers can read for help or knowledge while essay might or might not give detailed knowledge.

Get Your Work Done in a Way to Maintain the Flow

The cover page consists of the topic, the institute’s name, guide’s name, and the writer’s name. Some guides prefer to write the session or year in which the dissertation is written and submitted. These details give an idea of how long it was taken to complete the entire research work.

Then comes the literature review or executive summary that defines what the writer has done in the research. It is not to be confused with the introduction or conclusion portion of the research work. This is because it only contains answers to ‘what’ and not to how, why, when, where or any detailed questions. For details, you will have to read the entire work as this portion is just like a preface to a book.

Follow the Instructions Given by Your Research Guide

After or before the literature review, the writer can give an acknowledgment or ‘dedicated to’ page to thank whoever has helped to start and finish the work nicely. Then, comes the table of contents that includes all the topics covered in the dissertation. After the table of contents, the introduction page starts. Normally, it goes as long as your guide wants but for shorter projects, it is not kept so long.

The introduction tells the readers what the entire project contains and why is the topic chosen. After or before the introduction, the thesis statement can be given as suggested by your professor. As soon as the introduction finishes, the main body comes, and it could be regarded as the backbone of the entire research.

The body contains all the facts, figures, diagrams, pictures, graphs, tables, survey-based results, live or passive examples, and other illustrations. Without this portion, the research is baseless and all other portions in the thesis are support-less. After body, the conclusion is given in a crisp manner. Conclusion tells the readers what was actually inferred from the project and what message the researcher wants to give in the end.

Your Work Does Not End with the Conclusion Part, You Can Give More for Future Scopes

Even after conclusion, many researchers prefer to write the future scopes and recommendations and suggestions for other project-holders. In this way, the writing portion of the dissertation gets completed. But for the authenticity of the work, the most important aspect is giving citations and references, or we can say bibliography. With the help of references, the project and its analysis part could be completely saved from copyright problems.

One Part of Your Research Should Relate with the Other

To make the dissertation a success, dissertation writing should be done in the flow. One part of the project should relate to the other. Then only, it will interest the readers to view your work analytically.

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